Sonoma Valley Agricultural Cooperative

Welcome to an exciting new program of the Springs Hall!

The Sonoma Valley Agricultural Cooperative (SVAC) is a program created to focus directly on a longstanding mission of the Springs Hall – promoting  local farms and food producers.  This program will focus on Sonoma Valley farms and food producers, with an emphasis on organic  methods and ingredients.  This bountiful region has a long history of providing abundance, from the indiginous peoples that first inhabited these lands to the many farms, vineyards, ranches, and orchards that populated the Valley from Spanish settlement to our current age.  As this area has become a destination for enjoying the rural life in an ever growing Bay area, our high quality local food products have returned to prominance.  From this modern era, early growers such as Bob Canard worked to supply high cuisine restaurants like Chez Panisse.  Now a number of small farms and food producers work hard to provide the highest quality food and farm products to our lucky population.


Our goal is simple, to promote and further the production and consumption of healthy local food products, and in the preservation of farm land and farming as an occupation.

By doing so, we support the motto of the Springs Hall,   “Healthy Farms, Healthy Food, Healthy Community”

Stay tuned for new information and activities designed to support this worthy goal!