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Whole Hog Fall Feast September 21!

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Whole Hog DInner
Whole Hog DInner

As summer is winding down, the celebration of the transition to fall is about to begin!  Join us for our Whole Hog Fall Feast on the Autumn Equinox, September 21!  We will, as always, be featuring delicious and healthy locally sourced food and drink for our guests culinary enjoyment.  Music will accompany this FunRaising event to ring in the harvest season and help us move our renovation project forward!

Tickets on sale at Reader’s Books and Pharmaca, or call me, Seth, at 707.934.7332

24 hour Rental Rate Increase

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Rentals are the monetary lifeblood of the Sonoma Valley Grange. Without rental income we cannot maintain the building. Without the building, we can’t serve the community, as is our mission. We have done a lot lately to try to make the rental process more efficient for all concerned. Unfortunately, these efforts have increased our overhead expenses. So, in order to assure that rental business operates to the benefit of the Grange, and therefore to the benefit of the entire community, we have had to raise the rate for a 24 hour rental to $570. We feel that this is still a good deal in this area, where meeting space is so pricey.

Your comments are welcome!

The Grange Mural

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The SV Grange Mural

You can’t miss the Sonoma Valley Grange Hall as you drive up or down Highway 12 through Sonoma Valley, thanks to designer and painter Randy Sue Collins.

Assisted by artist and Grange President Michael Acker, the mural depicts various agricultural and community history scenes, including Col. Boyes who gave his name to Boyes Hot Springs where the Grange is located.

Today the hall rings with music, dancing, and laughter as well as serious discussions of Valley, regional, national, and international issues. The Sonoma Valley Grange serves as the community center for the heart of Sonoma Valley. The mural reflects both the heritage of the valley as well as today’s agricultural and community realities.