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Sonoma Springs Community Hall Kitchen Renovation Update

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Progress continues on the Sonoma Springs Community Hall building and kitchen.  We are well on the way to our goal, but are reaching the end of our available funds.  As many know, older buildings require extra work and infrastructure to bring up to modern standards.  In our case, much of the existing Hall building has reached the end of its usable lifespan.  Many construction techniques that may have been deemed sufficient 60 years ago are now not up to code.

In short, this renovation has been more costly than was calculated on our initial estimates.  We are gearing up for a final fundraising push, with the hope that we can drum up support through financial, material, and in-kind donations to bring a commercial kitchen to the Springs and Sonoma Valley Community.  Look for more information on this effort and spread the word that there exists a great opportunity to contribute to our community through this worthy endeavor.

The following is a list of this projects remaining needs: KitchenWishList

Thank you

Seth Dolinsky

Sonoma Springs Community Hall President

Kitchen renovation is underway!

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Over the past month, our member volunteers have once again come out to assist with our ongoing building renovation project.  We emptied out the cupboards, stored ite

kitchendemoms we are looking to keep, and gave away what we do not need.  Next was the fun part! Taking sledgehammers, cats claws and crowbars to the old kitchen infrastructure, getting it down to the “bare bones”.  We will do what we can to ready this space for our contractor, so that they can come in and get busy with the finer details of constructing a new commercial kitchen!

Special thanks to Sandie Sanders, Cathleen Swanson, Claudia Sims, Steve Dungan, Ray Gallian, George Dolinsky, Gary Seifer and the honorable Jim Callahan for extra duty on this project…. Stay tuned!

IMPORTANT: Meeting Day Change!

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THE BUSINESS MEETING HAS BEEN CHANGED TO THIRD MONDAYS. The next meeting will be on the third Monday of March, the 21st at 6PM.

Jan/Feb. is Time To Pay Your Dues!

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Hey Grangers,

It’s time to pay your dues. Still only $35 to renew. $40 for new memberships.

Mail your check to PO Box 1897, Boyes Hot Springs, 95416, or bring it to the meeting.

If you would like to help set up this site so we can take money online, contact Seth or Mike.



Every December Holiday Soup and Cookie Exchange

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Each December the ever-popular Holiday Celebration, Soup and Cookie Exchange happens.  Sonoma Valley Grange in partnership with Slow Food Sonoma Valley hosts this excellent event.  Make some cookies, make a soup, join the fun and kick off the holidays SVGrange style – with great food!  Drinks available for a donation and live music will round out the evening at our Hall.  (Click on flier for more information and higher resolution)

The Pancake Breakfast Is Back!!!

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On Sunday, December 6th, we had our famous pancake breakfast at our local SVGrange Hall. Many neighbors came out for a great, organic and tasty meal, saw old friends, made new ones, and checked out our progress on the Hall! It had been 10 months since our last public event and we were so looking forward to seeing our great Sonoma Valley community.

Please contact me, Set Dolinsky, if you would like to help in any capacity at: sonomavalleygrange@gmail.comPancakeGraphicDecember

Two Great Public Events in December!

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Now that the new bathrooms are finished, and the wood floor has been sanded and refinished, come see the great new renovated building and have a great time at the same time!