The Grange Hall

The End is Near

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As bad as that post title is given that the 2016 election is nearly here, it also is appropriate when talking about our building renovations (sorry for the scare!).

IMG_1425_HDROur long journey toward renewing the infrastructure of our hall to upgrade the bathrooms, create a commercial kitchen, and refurbish much of the rest of the building (including a new deck at the back!) is nearly complete (see the picture).

We hope to be open for business soon, and after a workday today that attracted about 15 volunteers who worked for much of the day to get things ready, we are nearing that goal rapidly. Those of you who haven’t seen the hall for 6 months or more would be astonished to see it today, and even more so after we finish the back deck and get more finishing touches in the interior complete. Suffice it to say that you will be delighted with the changes, as are we who have been working to accomplish them.

There are so many “thank yous” to hand out, but Seth Dolinsky, our President, is the person to do that as I expect he will once we have completed our renovations. Meanwhile, stay tuned about news of a “Grand Re-Opening” party to re-introduce to both the renovated building as well as the new organization we will be becoming.

The Bathrooms Are Finished!

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GrangefinishedP1000755Tonight we had a Grange meeting (why weren’t you there?) and we all got to see the new ADA restrooms. They are clean, bright and beautiful!

The sliding “barn doors” for the storage space between the bathrooms has yet to be hung, or acquired, so that will take some time. There will be work party soon to paint the walls in the main hall and take care of other details.

However, in a different but related project all of the old linoleum-style tile has been ripped up from the amazing wood flooring underneath, thus allowing us the opportunity to sand it down and refinish what could be a very pretty wood floor.

The maple dance floor has been sanded and sealed. It look stunning.

Stay tuned for information on our first post-renovation Pancake Breakfast and even better — our opening celebration! When that happens, the many, many people who made this happen will be named and honored.


Renovation Archive

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Our building renovation has progressed recently so I thought I would stop in and take some pictures to show what has happened. All of the rough-in plumbing and electrical is in, the insulation is in (sprayed foam in the ceiling, batt fiberglass in the walls), and the walls are framed. Sheetrock has been delivered and will start to go up soon. See the pictures below! Click on them to see them large.




The Grange Hall closed for construction

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The Sonoma Valley Grange hall will not be available for rental after Tuesday, November 4, 2014, through the end of the year.

The Grange Mural

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The SV Grange Mural

You can’t miss the Sonoma Valley Grange Hall as you drive up or down Highway 12 through Sonoma Valley, thanks to designer and painter Randy Sue Collins.

Assisted by artist and Grange President Michael Acker, the mural depicts various agricultural and community history scenes, including Col. Boyes who gave his name to Boyes Hot Springs where the Grange is located.

Today the hall rings with music, dancing, and laughter as well as serious discussions of Valley, regional, national, and international issues. The Sonoma Valley Grange serves as the community center for the heart of Sonoma Valley. The mural reflects both the heritage of the valley as well as today’s agricultural and community realities.