Renovation:In the Beginning

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renovation1At tonights meeting Grange members got a look at the renovation progress in the front room (what used to be a porch before it was enclosed). Those familiar with the Grange know that this space held storage areas and the two bathrooms.

Following demolition of the space by Grange volunteers, the contractor has been working on the infrastructure issues that the demolition exposed, as well as planned upgrades. One of the issues exposed in the demolition was the lack of adequate support for the exterior wall, thereby necessitating the insertion of an appropriate form of support (a mudsill, if you must know).

renovation2All of the floor joists have been replaced by new treated lumber to prevent any future water damage or dry rot, and the ceiling joists, which were barely attached, have been appropriately reinforced. Now that this work has been done the plumber will be roughing in what is needed at this stage to support the eventual finish plumbing.

We heard from the contractor at our meeting that they feel fairly confident about finishing this stage by the end of June. However, we voted at the meeting to forge ahead with the renovation without break to finish the kitchen renovation that is required to enable commercial use of the kitchen. To do this will likely require working through the summer into fall.

Nonetheless, we will still be able to use the hall during this work depending on the required use and the timing. Please contact us if you would like to use the hall.

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