The Renovation Project: We’ve Come a Long Way

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Well, we finally got to take this old building apart a bit and see what she has underneath the hood.  Or walls, floors and ceilings, in this instance!

A great group of Grangers came out Saturday 2/21 and, in only about 4 hours, took apart what was the front (west) portion of the building, which housed the restrooms and large storage area.  We started out in the cool morning with coffee and snacks before going at it with sledgehammers, saw-zalls, crowbars, pry bars, you name it!

What we found was… mostly expected.  Some older boards with some water damage and other minor deterioration.  The ground below was dry, dusty, and looked like it had been covered over for 60 years.  Large rough old growth redwood 4×6’s formed the main supports, on top of what looked like hand poured concrete piers.

Thanks to all who came out, and who have joined in with this great project!  Enjoy some pictures of the action!GrangedemoGrangedemo3

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