Happy 2015 From Your Sonoma Valley Grange!

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Hi Grange Friends and Members!
Seth Dolinsky here, honored of be chosen as the new Sonoma Valley Grange President!
I am aware of the great history of the Grange in this country and state, as well as here in our beautiful Valley.
Sonoma has a great agricultural history, being blessed with excellent climate, soils, and innovative and hardworking people that have contributed to great production in fruit and vegetable crops, vineyards and world class wines, cattle and dairy production, sheep and other livestock, plant nurseries, great farmers markets and so much more!
The Grange was founded as a means for farmers to congregate and collaborate, but has always carried the larger purpose of being a center of communities.  Our grange has been built and maintained by a very generous and welcoming community for many years.   This hall has served as a gathering place for Grange members as well as for our Sonoma Valley Community for many years.
We are indeed lucky to have this important heritage, and are working to continue this tradition of serving our members, community, and food and agricultural producers in a manner which will create ongoing and increasing community health and resiliency.  For my part, I hope to add to this legacy by overseeing the completion of our renovation project so that we can add even more value to the role S.V. Grange plays in our Valley, and to the larger society and environment we exist within.
I hope to hear from all of our members and supporters, and will work to build and expand our network to all other community and governmental organizations.
And finally (sorry, lots to say on this post!), I would like to thank our outgoing president Michael Acker for performing and exemplary job as President, Jim Callahan for his amazing skill and knowledge, Lauren Ayers for her excellent role as Secretary, Margarita Ramirez for helping to coordinate our large events and fundraising activities, John McReynolds for bringing a huge measure of support (and for all he’s done) and our many members who have contributed this past year and for many years before.  (This list is very long and all are valued for their contributions!)
Please help us by joining or renewing your membership using the form posted on the left of this page>>
Thank you
Seth Dolinsky
Sonoma Valley Grange President


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